Eyeglasses Treatment

Care Instruction


7/19/20231 min read


As the frame of Ina Warehouse wooden sunglasses, is a natural material, there should be followed some care instructions.


In case of pollution by make-up, sweat and dust it can be cleaned any time with a damp cloth, but should not be held under running or in still water. This can cause brittleness of the glasses and lead to breakage. Also protect from rain.


The wooden glasses can be worn from -10 degrees Celsius up to +35 degrees Celsius. As it is a wood product, extreme variations in temperature can affect its form.


Fractures of the frame, which are caused by dropping, violent use or external damage etc. Ina Warehouse can assume no liability. In case of breakage you can send your glasses to us to repair the frame with low cost.


The glasses are manufactured in universal sizes depending on the model. Please choose a frame that is comfortable on your face as the pressure on the wood can change the shape of the frame.


When not wearing your glasses place them in their case or keep them in a place protected from humidity and high temperatures.


Do not attempt to remove the lenses from the frame. In case you need to replace the lenses contact the nearest optician.